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Criminal Law

criminal lawyers Fareham Hampshire

The consequences of a criminal
conviction can be devastating.

Don't take a chance - use a specialist.

Use TBJ Solicitors.

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Police Stations

You have a right to free and independent legal advice when under
arrest at the police station.

criminal lawyers Fareham Hampshire This is a critical stage in the criminal process, to the extent that often having legal representation can make the difference between whether you are charged or not.

In the event that you are charged, then what was said and done by you at the police station can have a real impact on the eventual outcome in the case. The decision whether to the answer questions from the police can sometimes be a difficult question for a solicitor to advise on but it is almost always an impossibly difficult decision for an unrepresented individual to make.

A solicitor can also be very important at the police station when the police wish to consider a remand into custody - our solicitors will be able to make formal representations to the custody sergeant on your behalf.

The Service is FREE

The service is free and yet it provides you with the best chance of making the right decisions at what is always a very difficult time. Protect yourself and make use of us if you are ever in this position. One of our team will be available day or night, 365 days a year.

Just ask for TBJ and let us help you.

Magistrates' and Youth Courts

Again, an appearance before the courts is not a matter that one should leave to chance or one's own best efforts. With court targets and statistics ever more dominating the court administration, the pressure to proceed through the system quickly and, as a result, sometimes unrepresented, is worrying. The impact of a criminal record can be significant, even if not felt immediately, and there is of course the fact that everyone charged has the right to see that 'justice' is done.

Speak to TBJ and let us help you get the representation that we
think everyone should have.

Crown Court

Our Crown Court team is highly experienced with a proven track record in dealing with cases of alleged murder, manslaughter and large scale VAT fraud. As well as these more high profile types of case our team deals continually with offences involving drugs, violence, dishonesty, driving and sexual abuse.

Unlike most other firms of solicitors who provide representation in criminal matters, TBJ has its own in-house barrister. Daniel Reilly has been employed since 2001 and before that was at the independent Bar. Daniel's 14 years experience of appearing in Crown Court cases provides excellent input from a barrister at very early stage in the preparation of a case. We believe that this set up benefits our clients.

The other key member of the Crown Court team, Dawn Jackson, has a huge amount of experience. She not only prepares every case, large or small, thoroughly and professionally, but will also provide clear advice in plain English.

Legal Aid

TBJ Solicitors has a contract granted by the government (Legal Services Commission) to provide free advice and representation for those eligible under what is often referred to as the Legal Aid scheme.

We will be happy to help you complete the necessary legal aid forms.

The majority of cases heard by the courts are considered suitable for Legal Aid. Almost all cases in the Youth Court and every case that goes to the Crown Court will qualify for Legal Aid.

We will ensure that you obtain Legal Aid whenever possible. In the small number of cases where this is not possible we can advise you as to likely costs and offer a fixed fee option for you to consider.

For friendly, expert, professional help.

At every stage of the Criminal Process.

TBJ Solicitors Fareham

Call us today to see how we can help.

Team Members
Road Traffic Offences & Defences
Criminal Law
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criminal and traffic law solicitors Fareham Hampshire

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